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Human EPICv2, EPIC+, EPIC, HM450, HM27 Array

GRCh38 / hg38

GRCh37 / hg19

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Other Genomes

Mouse/MM285 Array (see here for working with the mouse array)

GRCm38 / mm10

GRCm39 / mm39

Other genomes

HorvathMammal40/Mammal40 Array

GRCh38 / hg38

Other genomes

Release Notes

Human Array - Zhou W, Laird PW and Shen H, Comprehensive characterization, annotation and innovative use of Infinium DNA Methylation BeadChip probes, Nucleic Acids Research 2017
Mouse Array - Zhou W et al. DNA methylation dynamics and dysregulation delinated by high-throughput profiling in the mouse, Cell Genomics 2022


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